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TonCut 7.1
The fastest, most efficient and easiest to use application for cutting optimization.

TonCut is used for cutting optimization of flat materials (2D), such as: glass, wood, stone, metal, aluminum, plexiglass, cardboard, etc.

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The most popular information program in Poland!

Sometimes on TV during news programs on the bottom or top of the screen, information is scrolled. It is hard to believe, but despite the information bars take up very little space and practically do not interfere with watching TV... we read their content. And it happens that these short, one-sentence information is interesting enough that one would like to find out more - and click on it. This is Paseczek - the program that scrolls the information from your favourite websites on your desktop and allows you to find out more by just one click.

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Free download
Absolutely free!
Paseczek for Business
Modern tool for effective and efficient distribution of information within the company.

Paseczek for Business is a solution for sending information to the employees in a fast and efficient manner. The whole idea of Paseczek is to present information in a clear way, without interfering with work.

Using Professional version additionally increases the effectiveness of Paseczek by addressing, prioritization and different visual styles of displayed messages.

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